What Is The VIP Show?

The VIP show consists of a hot strip tease dance for the guest of honor. Your entertainer will make sure he/she is absolutely wowed and begging for more. After the guest of honor has been sufficiently showered with TLC, the entertainer will provide party entertainment open to the rest of the party guests. This part of the show, you show the entertainer who wants attention by tipping them for their services. Party entertainment includes, but is not limited to: lap dances, body shots, whip cream races, naughty spankings, baby oil slides, fire and ice, etc... The VIP show will keep going as long as guests are participating, tipping and showing respect to the entertainment.

What Is The 45 Minute Show?

The 45 Minute Show consists of a hot strip tease dance and lap dance for the guest of honor. The entertainer will also open up party entertainment such as lap dances and body shots to the rest of the tipping party guests.

What Is The 1/2 Hour Show?

The 1/2 Hour Show consists of a hot strip tease dance and lap dance for the guest of honor. The entertainer will also open up party entertainment such as lap dances, to the rest of the tipping party guests.

What Is The 15 Minute Show?

The 15 Minute Show is a great way to give a quick hot strip tease to a guest of honor. Most suited for day parties at offices. This is the mildest show offered. A playful strip tease is focused on the guest of honor as well as a lap dance. Feel free to let your entertainer know of a specific scenario you are interested in.

What Set Up Does The Entertainment Provide?

Your entertainment will provide:
Costume: Your requested costume of choice. If no costume is requested, one will be chosen by entertainer.
Stereo and Music: Sound system and the latest updated party music
Props/Supplies needed for entertaining: This includes but is not limited to; lighting, baby oil/lotion, whip cream, etc.

What Set Up Should I Provide?

Please insure the location you are providing for your entertainment is "Stripper Friendly" You will need:
Privacy: Your location can not be open to the public. Please close all blinds and curtains. Close all windows/doors.
Prep Room: Private room for your entertainer to get ready/change, preferably a bedroom or bathroom with mirror.
Chair: Place a chair in the center of the room for your guest of honor. The chair should preferably have no armrests and no wheels.
Remove Valuables: The entertainment is not responsible for any lost, stolen or broken items. Please remove any valuables. Please cover valuable furniture/flooring, to prevent damage.

Where Can The Entertainers Perform?

Homes: Indoors please. If you are requesting a backyard performance, please check with your entertainer upon arrival to event. It is up to the entertainer's discretion whether they feel it is an appropriate location for their entertainment. Please have an alternate indoor option available.

Hotels: Hotel rooms or banquet/conference rooms are an excellent place for your party. Restaurants/Bars/Clubs/Offices: Closed to Public or with completely private room. Please note, you must have management approval at location. Party Bus/Limo: Recommended to be parked during performance. It is up to the entertainer's discretion whether vehicle can be moving. Entertainer must be let off vehicle at the same location they entered. Will My Entertainer Arrive With Security? The entertainer will often times bring an assistant with them. All female entertainers bring Security to all parties. This person will help provide a flawless show. His/her job consists of providing change for you and your guests, running music, lighting, and helping with party games. They are there for your convenience as well as the entertainer's security. Back to Top

Party Tips

How is the Entertainment Paid?

Payment is made to the entertainer in cash upon arrival to your event. The entertainer will not start entertainment until cash payment is paid in full. Show is receipt of payment. If you would like a receipt, please ask your entertainer at time of payment.

What Does the Fee Paid Upon Arrival Cover?

A payment is made to the entertainer upon arrival to your event. This is a one time fee. This fee covers the entertainer's transportation and advertising fee. This fee also sets a certain time period for your entertainer to be available for your event. The initial strip tease act and attention to your guest of honor will be supplied upon receipt of this payment.

What Is Tipping?

Tipping is a custom in stripping. Your entertainer will offer party entertainment during the time they are scheduled to be at your event. This entertainment has suggested prices, which your entertainer will go over with the guests during the event. An example, if your guests would like to receive a lap dance from the entertainer, there will be a suggested price/tip associated with this, that the guests will provide to entertainer for this service.

Is Tipping Required?

Each guest is not required to tip/pay for services. Those that would like to receive party entertainment would need to pay/tip for this service. Please let your guests know that if they would like to participate in the stripper entertainment, they will need to provide tips/payment for this entertainment. In the beginning of the show, the entertainment provided by the entertainer is mild and less expensive. As the night goes on the entertainment gets wild and more expensive. The more your guests tip, the wilder and crazier the time for your guests becomes.

How Much Should We Tip?

Each crowd is different. It is recommended, but not mandatory, that each guest come prepared with $20 to $50 to spend, depending on what they would like to participate in. This is only a suggestion. The guests may bring more or less, based on their preference. Remember, the more guests tip, the wilder and crazier the show gets!!

Can We Tip With Credit Card or Check?

We suggest all tips be provided in cash. It is up to your entertainers discretion to allow payment with credit card or check. Back to Top


What Is The Age Requirement Of Guests?

All guests must be at least 18 years of age. It is illegal to strip for a minor and consequences include jail time or large fines. All guests of party are required to have a legal photo I.D. with them during the party. If a guest looks to be underage at the party, they will be asked to show a valid driver's license or I.D. By reserving with us, you are confirming that all of your party guests will be over 18 years of age. If people are underage, the dancer has every right to leave the party before the time has ended, with no refund given.

What Are The Rules For The Show?

Everyone deserves respect. This is a requirement for the entertainers as well. Please do not be rude to the entertainers. Do not ask them for sex. These are entertainers, not escorts. Do not slap or hit the entertainers. Do not speak disrespectfully to the entertainers. If people are disrespectful, the dancer has every right to leave the party before the time has ended, with no refund given. Back to Top


Questions About Reserving

Q: If I order my stripper online, do I have to pay with my credit card?
A: No, Your payment is made in cash directly to the entertainer when they arrive to your party.

Q: How do I know which stripper I will be getting?
A: The entertainers schedule will automatically be checked when you fill out our online reservation. You will immediately be shown who is available and arriving to your show.

Q: Why am I asked to pick out several choices?
A: As it is a human being you are ordering, sickness or emergencies can come up unexpectedly. By choosing back up choices, you are insured to get a stripper of your choice. With so many beautiful entertainers, we hope this will not be too difficult.

Q: What if my choices are not available?
A: If your choices are not available, you have no requirement to complete your reservation with us.

Q: Do I have to give more that one choice of stripper?
A: It is recommended that you choose several choices, but it is not required.

Q: My party is at a hotel, how will I get the room number to the dancer?
A: Entertainers will call to receive a room number before arrival.

Q: Is my information I leave safe and secure?
A: Yes. We make every effort to make our online reservation safe and secure. Your information will not be used for any other purpose than to complete your reservation. We do not sell or share any personal information with anyone.

Q: What if my stripper does not show up?
A: Our strippers always arrive, but in case the entertainer is suddenly unable to make it to your event, we will automatically send you the next available choice from your list.

Q: How far in advance should I book my stripper?
A: It is always recommended to book as far in advance as possible to ensure that your first choice will be available. However, if you have a last minute event, don't worry. We have plenty of exciting sexy entertainers always ready to come and show you a fantastic time!

Q: If my party is today, can I still book online to receive the discount?
A: Yes. It is recommended to book online for last minute reservations. The discount posted online, is always the price you will pay if booked online.

Q: How do I pay for the stripper?
A: Your entertainer will be collecting payment upon arrival to your party. Entertainer must receive payment before starting the show.

Q: Is the price on the website the actual price, or are there hidden fees I will be asked to pay unexpectedly?
A: The price is the price listed on the website. The only extra fees you will be asked to pay is tipping. Please let your guests know that it is customary to tip your dancer during the show. The dancers work off tips and all tips are greatly appreciated.

Q: Will I receive any confirmation of my reservation once I fill out the online reservation?
A: Yes. Our office staff will call to confirm your online reservation, between the hours of 11am to 7pm (Monday through Saturday). Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation to the email address given on reservation form. Back to Top

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