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Stripping Telegram $80

1 stripper (Bikini) (10-15 Minute Show) Stripping telegrams are short, sweet and tasteful. The stripper will arrive in costume of choice then strip down to a bikini. Afterwards the stripper will present milder party games for the guest of honor. A great way to surprise that special someone, stripping telegrams are for day time events or parties 9 AM - 5 PM Monday thru Friday. This show must be booked online. The stripper can strip down topless or fully nude upon request.

30 Minute Online Special $110Book now for only $110. Normal price $130.

1 stripper (Nude) (1/2 Hour Show) Great for smaller crowds or if you are on a time constraint. This show includes the stripper arriving in costume and performing for all the party guests. Lap dances, and fun party games that will excite and entertain your crowd. This show can range from mild to wild and is recommended for smaller parties, ranging from 4-6 guests or coed events.

45 Minute Online Special $115Online now for only $115. Normal price $145. Questions ? Call 1-408-726-5578

1 stripper (Nude) (45 Minute Show) Perfect for a small to medium sized party 4-6 people. This show includes all the same fun lap dances and party games as our 1/2 Hour show with more time for your crowd.

1 Hour Online Special $120. Only $100 SundayOrder online for $120. Normal price $160. You pay the dancers cash upon arrival.

1 stripper (Nude) (60 Minutes) Recommended for parties of 6 or more people. Strippers will perform lap dances and a variety of strip-tease acts during the hour for the guest of honor and crowd. Everyone will have the chance to participate in the party action.

The VIP Show Online Special $125VIP Online Special $125. Normal price $175. No Credit Card or deposit.

1 stripper (Nude) (No Time Limit) Recommended for bachelor events and parties that want to experience the Wildest, Longest and Craziest strip show possible! Strippers stay as long as everyone is having fun, tipping and polite. The VIP show may last anywhere from one to a couple of hours. Since there isn't a time limit on this party all the guests have more time to interact with the stripper. The show includes a special performance for the guest of honor and wild party games. The crowd will also have plenty of opportunities to take part in the activities.

The Double VIP Show Online Special $250

2 strippers (Nude) (No Time Limit)Twice the fun and excitement, this show in a must for Bachelor parties. The Double VIP Show includes everything our VIP show has to offer plus more! Two hot strippers performing and Interacting with each other. If you want a wild and crazy party,this show will satisfy all your expectations. Our Double VIP show can last several hours depending on crowd size. Please call us if you have any questions about this show or wish to reserve with one of our friendly representatives.

The Triple VIP Show Online Special $375

3 strippers (Nude) (No Time Limit)The Triple VIP show includes everything our Double VIP show has to offer with an additional stripper for some erotic three way action. Recommended for parties with a minimum of 10 guests.

The Quad VIP Show Online Special $500

4 strippers (Nude) (No Time Limit)This is a VIP Show with 4 strippers performing and interacting with each other and your crowd. Recommended for larger parties with a minimum of 15 guest. Our Quad VIP show can last several hours providing your guests with a variety of stunning strippers.

Poker dealers, Car shows, and events

We also provide strippers for Go Go dancing, Poker parties, Car shows, Corporate events, Bikini models, and hosting. Please contact us for a quote since these types of events vary in price.

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