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Our 30 minute, 45 minute, 1 Hour and VIP Shows Now Only $129!

This offer is only valid for July, August and September 2018.

Stripping Telegram $129 Price Includes Tips and Party Games for Guest of Honor

1 male stripper (Boxer Briefs) (10-15 Minute Show) Stripping telegrams are short, sweet and tasteful. The stripper will arrive in costume of choice then strip down shirtless or to boxer briefs. Afterwards the stripper will present milder party games for the guest of honor. A great way to surprise that special someone, stripping telegrams are for day time events or mixed or coed crowds. Would you like or need the stripper to stay longer than 15 minutes? Just tip the stripper extra and they will stay as long as needed!

30 Minute Show($129 Women Only) Regular Price and Coed parties $180. Exp. 9/30/18

1 male stripper (30 minute Show) Great for smaller crowds or if you are on a time constraint. This show includes the stripper arriving in costume and performing for all the party guests. Lap dances, and fun party games that will excite and entertain your crowd. This show can range from mild to wild and is recommended for smaller parties, ranging from 4-5 guests. For Bachelorette or Birthday Parties.

45 Minute($129 Women Only) Regular Price and Coed parties $190. Exp. 9/30/18

1 male stripper (45 Minute Show) Perfect for a small to medium sized party 6-8 people. This show includes all the same fun lap dances and party games as our 30 minute show with more time for your crowd. For Bachelorette or Birthday Parties.

1 Hour($129 Women Only) Regular Price and Coed parties $200. Exp. 9/30/18

1 male stripper (60 Minutes) Recommended for parties of 7 or more people. Strippers will perform lap dances and a variety of strip-tease acts during the hour for the guest of honor and crowd. Everyone will have the chance to participate in the party action. For Bachelorette or Birthday Parties.

The VIP Show ($129 Women Only) Regular Price and Coed parties $225. Exp. 9/30/18

1 male stripper (There is no time limit on this show) Recommended for bachelorette events and parties of 8 or more that want to experience the most time and party games! Strippers stay as long as everyone is having fun, tipping and polite. The VIP show may last anywhere from one to a couple of hours. Since there isn't a time limit on this party all the guests have more time to interact with the stripper. The show includes a special performance for the guests of honor and many fun party games. The crowd will also have plenty of opportunities to take part in the activities. For Bachelorette or Birthday Parties.

The Double VIP Show ($250 Women Only) Regular Price and Coed parties $400. Exp. 9/30/18

2 male strippers (No Time Limit)Twice the fun and excitement, this show in a must for Bachelorette parties or for larger events. The Double VIP Show includes everything our VIP show has to offer plus more! Two hot male strippers performing and Interacting with your crowd. If you want a wild and crazy party, this show will satisfy all your expectations. Our Double VIP show can last several hours depending on crowd size. Please Call Us Now at 1-408-475-9499 if you have any questions about this show or wish to reserve with one of our friendly representatives.

Male revue shows, Go Go dancing, Sexy waiters, and events.

We also provide male strippers for Male revue shows or Go Go dancing at Night Clubs, Corporate events, and casinos. Please contact us for a quote since these types of events vary in price.

Questions about our pricing?

Why we are the best

We provide the best dancers and customer service in the Bay Area. Specializing in providing the very best entertainers and redefining our industry standards. In order to do that we have to invest more in our dancers and spend more of our time to insure the highest quality. And this is how we do it.

Safety first

In order to ensure the safety of our customers, each dancer is subject to an extensive background check. After all this is a stranger coming to your house and you want to be confident he is a good guy. Being a local company we actually meet with all of our dancers first, before them being sent out. The next step is that they follow along with a few of our experienced dancers. We want to make sure our new dancers have a normal, positive attitude. Most other companies are located out of state and don't have the ability to meet with any dancers before sending them out. Out of state companies can't even verify that the person they are sending out looks like their photo. Anyone can strip for them. Not anyone can strip for us. We have the most intense thorough screening process in the whole entire united states.

Our strippers show up!

When you book a dancer you can be assured that they will show up on time. If for any reason the entertainer would not be able to do your

We are local

While being local has it's advantages it also has it's cost. We all know how expensive it is to live here in the bay area. Most people don't realize that almost all stripping websites are located out of state. Even though they may have a local phone number they are still in another state. While that may be profitable for them and they don't have to pay for the higher cost of living like we do. Out of state companies don't have the ability to maintain the same level of safety and customer quality service that we can. We prefer to keep our office here in San Jose California. Close and in touch with our customers and dancers. You never have to worry about a creepy guy showing up to your door.

Highest Quality Entertainers

Every stripper in the San Francisco Bay Area prefers to work with us. The first reason is because we are local and the second reason is we pay them the most! But not every stripper can work with us. We only work with the best strippers. They must be attractive, friendly, on time and pass our screening process. Be rest assured that when you order a stripper through us you are getting the best and not some weirdo arriving to you party!

Real Costumes

Our guys show up with real uniforms and gear. Cop, Fireman, Cowboy just to name a few. When you request a Police officer costume, your actually getting a male stripper in a real uniform! This makes it much easy to fool the guest of honor and have the biggest surprise. Our dancers don't just buy some cheap Halloween costume for a few dollars. Often they can spend several hundred dollars on one real uniform! They also bring a sound system along with lighting. That's the difference between a real professional stripper and some random guy pretending to be a stripper.

Customer service

We are unsurpassed in the industry when it come to customer service. When your party is in progress we always have somebody standing by to assist with your call. If not then your call will be transferred to an owner. That's customer service!

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